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Where Your Donations Go

  • Supporting orangutan and habitat conservation projects in the field
  • Surveys to assess the viability of remaining wild orangutan populations
  • Monitoring and protecting remaining wild orangutan populations
  • Rehabilitating ex-captives to free forest life
  • Rescuing threatened wild orangutans
  • Providing educational programs in habitat countries
  • Helping to reduce orangutan-human aggressive encounters

BOS Canada helps conservation projects working to protect orangutan forest habitat in Borneo and Sumatra. We aim to stop the destructive impact of logging, clearing, and other development. Our projects also fight poaching and help communities develop less destructive ways to gain income.

BOS Canada also supports reintroduction projects that help rescue orangutans illegally held captive, restore their health, and help them develop the skills they need to resume independent forest life. Only after extensive care and retraining are ex-captives returned to free forest life.