Media and Publications

BOS Canada supports non-invasive scientific research on orangutans, and some of the recent projects we’ve been involved with have been covered by the media and have been published in scientific journals.

BOS Canada in the media

Orangutan fishing (April 2011)
Wired Orangutans Use Simple Tools to Catch Fish
Science News Gone Fishing, Orangutan Style

Orangutan water innovations (March 2010)
New Scientist Orang-utans can swim – we’ve got pictures to prove it

Orangutan Pantomime (August 2010)
Discover  4 messages a pantomiming orangutan might be trying to convey
Science Now  Video: Apes play charades
BBC  Orangutans mime to get message across
The Guardian Orangutans use mime to make themselves understood
New Scientist Play-acting orang-utans signal their desires
Discovery News Orangutans use charade-like communication


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