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BOS CANADA Conservation Grants 2016

Due to additional funds, we are accepting a second round of grand applications.

BOS Canada has a fund of $6,000 CAD to provide small grants in support of conservation research on orangutans or related projects, including conservation education. Award amounts range from $500 to $2000 CAD.

Application Deadline: 2nd Call!! August 15 2016

Eligibility: Professional and university student researchers working in orangutan habitat countries are encouraged to apply or to help someone from a habitat country to submit a proposal.

BOS Canada funds granted cannot be used for expenses incurred before the date on which the funds are awarded. Grant recipients must agree to submit a brief report (maximum 1-2 pages, single spaced) in a form suitable for publication in the BOS Canada website and newsletter, to the BOS Canada Grants Committee within 6 months of completing the project in addition to a progress report once the initial installment of the grant has been used.

To apply, please download the Application and Instructions.


FAQ: BOS Canada Conservation Grants

Q: My project has already started. Can I apply for funds to reimburse expenses that I have already paid for?

A: BOS Canada does not grant funds to reimburse monies already spent. However, you can apply for a BOS CAN Conservation Grant for portions of your project that will be undertaken in the future.

Q: My project is part of a larger study. The larger study is funded but I need additional funds to cover expenses that are not covered (e.g., supplies, personnel). Can I apply for a BOS Canada grant to cover these additional expenses?

A: Yes, as long as your application shows the value of your project to orangutan conservation, the expenses are appropriate, and the expenses are not covered by other grants

Q: My project is rather small and not part of a larger project. The only funds I need would be covered entirely by a BOS Canada Conservation Grant. Can I apply to BOS Canada for this kind of project?

A: Yes, as long as the project contributes to orangutan conservation, is feasible, and of good quality. It is not necessary to be connected to a larger program.

Q: If I am awarded a grant, how soon will I receive the funds?

A: If you are awarded a grant, you will be notified in early June and given instructions on how to arrange for transferring funds from BOS Canada. Before we transfer the funds we will ask you to submit proof that all necessary permits have been acquired. It typically takes up to two weeks to complete the transfer process. Typically, funds are transferred in installments; the first as soon as all documents we need have been received, and later installment(s) as an interim report has been submitted to us accounting for progress to date and how previous installment(s) were used.

Q: What kinds of expenses will BOS Canada Conservation Grants fund, or not fund?

A: In general, BOS Canada likes to see funds used for local employee salaries and support, research supplies, educational material, local travel, reasonable research fees, and lab fees for samples collected in the field. BOS Canada will not fund overhead to institutions or salaries for principal researchers.

Q: Can BOS Canada Conservation Grants be used for orangutan censuses?

A: If census work will clearly benefit orangutan conservation, it is eligible for a BOS Canada conservation grant. Note that just conducting a census is not enough: you must show how the census will contribute to conservation.

Q: My first language is Indonesian. Do I have to write the application in English?

A: You may submit an application written either in English or in Indonesian. However, we ask that you include an English translation of the project abstract if you choose to apply in Indonesian.