BOS Canada is an independent, registered Canadian charity (# 86282 4786 RR0001) founded to support orangutan conservation and to raise awareness of the serious threats to orangutan survival. We are dedicated to protecting wild and rehabilitant orangutans and their native habitat. Activities in Canada focus on education and fundraising. The funds we raise primarily support orangutan protection in the field, in Indonesia and Malaysia, e.g., rescuing displaced wild orangutans, rehabilitating ex-captives to forest life, surveying and protecting existing orangutan populations and habitat, and conservation education. We operate entirely by dedicated volunteers, minimize administrative costs and ensure that the funds we raise reach the projects we support in the field.


Our Activities: Awareness, Education, and Support

• Support for orangutan conservation projects in habitat countries
• Support for research
• Community eduction
• Develop educational materials for schools
• Developing documentaries, photographs, articles, and books
• Local activities include public lectures, art shows, class visits


Where Your Donations Go:

• Orangutan and habitat conservation projects in the field
• Surveys to assess the viability of remaining wild orangutan populations
• Monitoring and protecting remaining wild orangutan populations
• Rehabilitating ex-captives to free forest life
• Rescuing threatened wild orangutans
• Providing educational programs in habitat countries
• Helping to reduce orangutan-human aggressive encounters

BOS Canada helps conservation projects working to protect orangutan forest habitat in Borneo and Sumatra and to stop the destructive impact of logging, clearing, and other development. Projects also fight poaching and help communities develop less destructive ways to gain income.

BOS Canada supports reintroduction projects that help rescue orangutans illegally held captive, restore their health, and help them develop the skills they need to resume independent forest life. Only after extensive acre and retraining are ex-captives returned to free forest life.


Board of Directors

Anne E. Russon, PhD (Exec. Director)
Since 1989, Anne has been studying intelligence and learning in ex-captive Bornean orangutans rehabilitatedand released to free forest life.  Studies have been affiliated with orangutan projects in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Indonesian Borneo, and Orangutan Reintroduction Projects in East and Central Indonesian Borneo.She has published numerous research and popular articles on orangutan intelligence, scholarly and popular books on great ape intelligence. She has contributed to several documentaries on orangutans as scientific advisor and participant.
She serves on advisory boards for several orangutan support organizations (Alchemy Films, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation–Indonesia, the Orangutan Conservancy, Orangutan Network).

Rob Laidlaw
Rob is a Chartered Biologist and a founder of the international wildlife protection charity Zoocheck. He has been involved in a wide variety of investigative, public awareness and legislative campaigns, as well as high profile litigations and animal rescues, both in Canada and abroad. Rob is also as award-winning author of nine children's book on wildlife protection and animal welfare, as well as numerous other book chapters and reports. In 2014, he was given the prestigious Frederic A. McGrand Award for substantial contributions to animal welfare in Canada.

Kristin Andrews, PhD
Kristin is Associate Professor of Philosophy at York University, and foudner of York's Cognitive Science program. Her interests in animal and child social cognition and communication have always extended beyond the armchair, and she dirtied her hands with dolphins in Hawaii, children in Minnesota, and orangutans in Borneo. Her book Do Apes Read Minds? Toward a New Folk Psychology , which argues that a more empirically adequate account of folk psychology will lead to better research programs in comparative cognition, will be published by MIT Press in 2012.

Laura Adams, MA
Laura is currently working on her PhD in Psychology at York University under the supervision of Dr. Suzanne MacDonald. Her research focuses on cognitive development in orangutans. She travels to Indonesian Borneo to study infant and juvenile orangutans at rehabilitation projects. These young orangutans are orphaned due to reduced habitat from palm oil plantations and the illegal pet trade. They are rehabilitated to be released back into the rain forest to help preserve this endangered species. For her master's degree in 2004 she observed social learning: how young orangutans learn what to eat from each other. For her PhD she is studying the cognitive and social aspects of play.

Treasurer - Michael Reid, MA
Michael is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Toronto. He has been involved in primate and orangutan conservation since 2002. His research focuses on disease organisms of orangutans, orangutan and disease co-evolution and orangutan evolution. He is also interested in diseases of conservation importance to orangutans and other apes such as Tuberculosis. He is a past co-chair of the Conservation Committee of the American Society of Primatologists and has been volunteering with BOS Canada since 2008.

Secretary - Charmaine Quinn
Charmaine is dedicated to working with animals in need and donating her time and her heart to them. Her weekends are spent at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, the Toronto Zoo and Story Book Farm. Her love for orangutans has her volunteering her time at the Toronto Zoo as an interpreter for the orangutans. Charmaine has made several visits to Borneo where she worked at the rehabilitation centre where she cared for orphaned and ex-captive orangutans.

Scientific Advisors
Dr. S. Wich
Dr. R. Shumaker
Dr. I. Singleton

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BOS Canada is an independent, registered Canadian Charity (# 86282 4786 RR0001).