Watch now: Public lecture by Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold

BOS Canada hosted Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold on April 2, 2019 at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Canada

Title: The Fauna Foundation: A Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Fauna Foundation, located outside Montreal, provides permanent homes for neglected, abused animals ranging from pets and farm animals to monkeys and apes. It aims to provide the care and support they need to lead lives as safe, healthy and happy as possible, so companionship and enrichment as well as good shelter, food, and medical care. It is the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Canada. To date it has cared for 23 chimpanzees from research laboratories and zoos. Dr Jensvold has 30+ years’ work experience in the care, management, and design of chimpanzee sanctuaries. Her expertise focuses on behavior and communication, including chimpanzees’ sign language use. BOS Canada occasionally hosts public lectures relating to primate conservation and research. Visit for more information Fauna Foundation is a registered Canadian non-profit organization: # 88607 7239 RR0001. BOS Canada is a registered Canadian Charity, # 86282 4786 RR0001

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